I Used to Have This Secret Blog…

Until I realized that the majority of my readers thought I was a girl.

I still do have two other blogs aside from this one you’re reading now (one is a private blog for my eyes only; the other a blog about urban hiking).

Boy or Girl?

Now I’m much more up front about who I am – none of this ambiguous writing attached to non-gender-specific avatar.

The whole thing got me thinking though: does my writing have a more feminine tone as opposed to masculine?

Traveling mercies,


3 thoughts on “I Used to Have This Secret Blog…

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)
    The first post I read on this blog was “Help. Thanks. Wow.” And it spoke to me in a male voice. I am a woman but I’m also a writer so words speak to me in different voices. However I think a lot of women read in their own voice. You may have a larger following of women than men. Because of these two variables, that could be why so many people thought your secret identity was a woman’s. Just a thought.

    Thank you again for stopping by my blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by! :)

      This is actually my main blog – I found you because you stumbled upon my other, An Urban Hiker (thank you for finding me!)
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I could definitely see how that makes sense. Seems like most of the people I connect with in the blogging world are women (though I do have a few male friends). Perhaps that is because women are more apt to share their thoughts in a journal?
      Glad to find a fellow geocacher! I was reading your blog and saw that you’re an enthusiast (awesome!). I’m hoping to post more about geocaching on the blog of mine you’re subscribed to, An Urban Hiker – there’s a ton of caches here in Seattle! :)

      • You’re welcome. Surprisingly I stumbled across both of your blogs. I’m following this one with my writing blog and your Urban Hiker blog with my geocaching blog.
        Women in general are known for being more open to sharing their thoughts, so that is a possibility. That is probably true for me, but I am passionate about writing, so that could be it as well.
        It’s great to hear you enjoyed reading my blog :) I am a new geocaching enthusiast but I’m super excited about all the places I’m going to learn about. We have a lot of history around where I live and plenty of caches for a beginner. One of these days I’m looking forward to placing my own cache. I’m just not sure where or what it will be yet. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! On both blogs ;)

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