A Quest to Keep Learning…



Bluegrass (Photo credit: Jamison Wieser)

I’ve been flirting with the idea of trying to learn as much as I can about a subject in a set amount of time.


I first heard of the idea while listening to a local radio program where the host was talking about a local college football coach who chooses a random subject during the off season and endeavors to learn as much as he can about that subject in those few short months between seasons.


Before considering which subjects I would like to learn more about, I need to set up a time frame in regards to how long I immerse myself in a particular subject.


At first, I was thinking of allowing one year per subject.  That would allow for a great deal of immersion and time to focus on a specific topic, but it sounds somewhat daunting to me considering my struggles in giving anything attention for long periods of time.


I then considered tackling a new subject every month, with the idea of learning about twelve new subjects in a year.  What attracted me to this option was the idea of learning about twelve different things over the course of the year – something about that sounds well educated to me.  However, I decided in the end not to do this option because I want to spend time discovering a subject, and feel that only spending one month on certain areas would only scratch the surface.

English: Live Bluegrass music and dancing at S...

Live Bluegrass music and dancing at Shreves Store in Smoke Hole Canyon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the end, I’ve decided to set a goal of learning as much as I can about four different subjects in a year (one every three months, or one per season if you will).  I realize that I will not become a scholar in regards to any subject, but it would allow a season to truly immerse myself in a subject as much as I can (plus, the coach I mentioned earlier gives himself an off season, which would be about what three months’ time shakes out to be).


I’m not sure how I will go about choosing subjects.  Perhaps I could start making a list of things I would like to know more about.  Perhaps subjects will come from the recommendations from friends, from my random travels, or from straight out of the blue.


I hope to be able to read books, visit museums, go to shows, sample food & drink, and do anything else that would help me experience whatever it is I want to learn about.  I learn best from experience, after all.

English: The main stage and crowd at Telluride...

The main stage and crowd at Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will change subjects at every equinox and solstice (that seems like a good time to break things up).


Since the summer solstices just passed here in the northern hemisphere, I will start my first subject a little bit late (but better late than never!)


Summer 2013 will be spent learning as much as I can about bluegrass music.


Why bluegrass? (Other than the obvious “why not?”)  Well, I’ve had a fascination with it ever since seeing a few lives shows over the past year or so (and that sounds like a good enough reason for me!).


Over the coming weeks, I hope to post a few entries about things I’m discovering about the subject.  I’m not going to dedicate all entries to the subject of the season, but I do want to sprinkle them in from time to time.


Hooray for education!


Traveling mercies,





2 thoughts on “A Quest to Keep Learning…

  1. This would be a great way to delve more into the subjects that come across my path and I log away in my brain as, “I don’t know near enough about this.” Most recently, the Civil War (or in a larger topic, the battles and events that formed our country up through the Civil War). Last year (or two years ago) I had a similar thought with WWI. Being naturally inquisitive and loving to learn, I do this on a small scale all the time (ie-if someone asks me something I don’t know or am unsure about, or I hear it referenced in a show I’m watching, I have to go find out!). This may be a good solution to my constant wish that I had time to learn/read more about a certain subject. At least I’d get through a few of them, and it’s better than missing out on all of them for lack of adequate time. Hmm…you may have started something! :-)

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