Listen to My Heart

I’m not sure where it came from, but for whatever reason, I’m very hesitant to communicate with people lately.

I used to be just shy in face-to-face conversations, preferring to write my thoughts and feelings down instead in the form of a letter or a story.

Now, I’m beginning to feel a bit hesitant to even do that.

I replied to an friend’s blog entry today with – what I thought anyway – a reply that could have been misconstrued into something that I actually didn’t mean.

“Listen to my heart”, I said, following up my comment.

Listen, Understand, Act

Listen, Understand, Act (Photo credit: highersights)

I’m hopeful that my friend will know my heart, but there is still a small part of me that questions the end result.

With my closest friends who know me better than most, I feel a bit more relaxed with – I can say things that I might not normally say to others and they know my true heart, know the person I really am despite what words may or may not come out of my mouth.

I’m thankful for those friends, so very thankful.

Heartspeak is a beautiful thing – especially when you’ve found friends who share that same language.

Traveling mercies,


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