Comparison is the Thief of Joy

I went to a friend’s birthday party the other day.  I spent just enough time there with my friend and a few other friends who were in attendance before people I didn’t know came and made things particularly uncomfortable for me (have I mentioned that I don’t do well meeting new people?)

While at the party, I was talking with another friend about life when he casually asked about any upcoming trips I was planning on taking in 2014.

I told him that aside from a business trip to Washington, DC this spring, I really did not have anything on the books yet.

He proceeded to tell me about all of these trips he was going to be taking to different locations all around the world, and suddenly I felt less than adequate.

However, I know my friend – I know his heart, his intention – and because of that, I’m trying to remember that he only asked out of curiosity, and not to make me feel bad.

The thing is, is I get caught up in comparing myself to other people.  Doing so only allows me to wallow in self-pity and feel as though I’ll never measure up to the standards I’ve somehow managed to adopt for myself.

For 2014 and for the rest of my life beyond, I am allowing myself the freedom to be me.

Traveling mercies,


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