taking initiative

one of the (many) things i struggle with in life is taking initiative when it comes to – well – anything.

i’m great at doing the things that i’ve been asked to do be it personally or professionally, but when it comes to my 1.) seeing a need and 2.) responding to it, i’m simply not there.

i was talking with my boss the other day about some work-related things, and he asked me to be intentional about scheduling meetings with him to review what i’ve been learning about software i use rather than his coming to me and inquiring.

something like that sounds so simple, but for some reason it does not come easy for me.

how does one combat this inability to be intentional and take initiative?  is it just another thing in life that takes practice and an intentional moment-by-moment awareness?

i’d love to hear your thoughts.

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “taking initiative

  1. This is challenging for me, too. I like to say that I’m a really good “widget maker.” Give me a task and I’ll give you fantastic results. But putting myself out there is often difficult. Perhaps learning to be intentional requires sketching out a plan–daily or weekly. Jotting down what you intend to do–what is your “widget” this week? Then breaking that down into what you expect to be the outcome, followed by a date and time to report that outcome to your boss. Maybe even creating a “status update” form to deliver to your boss, or use as your guide for each task? I’m a list maker, so having some structure helps me. Good luck, my friend.

    • i appreciate your thoughts, friend! i am a list maker, too, so your suggestion is definitely appealing to me. when i get in to the office every morning, the first thing that i do is to make a list of everything that needs to be completed by the end of the day (of course there are still surprises along the way and tasks that come up, but i have a standard set of tasks the need to be done depending on the day). i think that something similar, though not necessarily on a daily basis, would be a great idea. the “status update” idea is particularly appealing – that would provide me with something tangible to look at as i work towards my goal.

      thank you, friend!

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