thoughts, trips, baseball, & artwork

i’m amazed that i haven’t been ’round these parts since may of last year.  it’s not that i haven’t wanted to write, it’s just that i get overwhelmed about what to write that i end up not writing at all.

am i alone in this?

a few days ago, my dad & i booked tickets to fly to milwaukee, wi this summer to scratch off a few more mlb stadiums off of my list: miller park (milwaukee, wi) & chicago’s wrigley field & u.s. cellular field.

wrigley field, chicago, il Joe Robbins/Getty Images

wrigley field, chicago, il
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

seeing a game at every stadium in the majors has long been a dream of mine, & i can think of no better person to share that experience with than my dad.  after this trip, i will have been to a game at eight of the thirty stadiums – a solid start.

i’m hoping that perhaps my dad & i can make this an annual tradition where we visit a different city, take in it’s sights & sounds, and take in a few games at the home park.

while in chicago, i fully intend to eat copious amounts of deep-dish pizza, try the local beers, and of course, visit the art institute of chicago (two of my top-five favorite pieces of art of all time are located within it’s walls – how could i not go?!?)

i’m overwhelmed by the thought of everything i *could* be doing, but won’t get the opportunity to do.  i realize that i’ll drive myself crazy thinking like that, so instead i’m trying to focus on the many awesome things i will get to do, and if i decide i love the experience, make plans to experience more of it at a later time (that’s an entire blog entry for another date – lots to consider there, no doubt!).

do you have any suggestions for must-sees or must-dos while we’re in the chicago/milwaukee/green bay area?  i welcome your thoughts.

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “thoughts, trips, baseball, & artwork

  1. I know I’m late to post, lol…I haven’t been online much lately. I just need to say how much I love love love Chicago and I’m certain you will too. The Art Institute is fantastic. I didn’t do a lot of official sightseeing…I spend many hours walking around downtown, enjoying the architecture, humming Sinatra songs, and imagining the actors from ER riding the same LRT cars as me:) The second time I was there I did make it down to Navy Pier, which was pretty cool…there is a gallery of stained glass windows is pretty mesmerizing. Also, you should get Christine to recommend the best place to get deep-dish pizza. She and her hubby (well, boyfriend at the time) took me to a place locals go…a sports bar that serves fantastic pizza.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m really looking forward to the trip more and more every day. (Love thinking about actors from ER – I will probably do that, too). :) Definitely hoping to meet up with Christine & her husband for a pint!

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