Glorious Deliciousness for the Senses

this afternoon i made an intentional decision to disconnect from the busyness of life if only for a few minutes.

i walked to the downtown library branch to pick up a dvd that i had put in a request for – it’s about a five minute walk one way, give or take.

grabbing my jacket, i intentionally left my phone at my desk.

rather than browsing twitter, checking friends’ facebook statuses, or reading some random article about something, i intentionally made the decision to soak up my surroundings – to look at the sky, the soak up the buildings, and take in all of the sounds afforded to me by working in a major city.

it was gloriously delicious for my senses.


i saw this recently on postsecret and it made me smile (particularly because i know many co-workers who can relate to this).

Blue Ribbon











go well, friends.

traveling mercies,


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