a year of learning to be patient

i made the mistake earlier this year of praying & asking God to give me patience.

i say “mistake” because He has given me ample opportunities to learn the joys of patience in forms relating to my health.

no, i’m not dying (not yet, anyway), but the ailments that i am up against do not have quick recovery times for full healing.

there has been joy in hearing the, “you won’t need surgery…” but discouragement in the follow-up, “…but this will take time to heal.”


life’s a journey, isn’t it?

on my journey, i’ve tried to surround myself with a few friends who i can have a completely transparent relationship with – no holds barred, so to speak where we can be completely open and honest with each other about our thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams.  i’ve also invested time in seeing a counselor for what i like to affectionately call “mental alignments”.

these two things (close friendships, counseling) stand out to me as two of the biggest things that help me to move on, to face another day – knowing that I AM NOT ALONE has been one of my greatest encouragements as well as the thing i tend to forget the most, but you know what?

i will get there.  (physical healing, peace of mind)

…and you will, too.

traveling mercies,



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