what do you say in these things that hasn’t already been said someplace else?

i am thirty-some-odd years old; currently calling the seattle, wa area home. [come visit, first coffee is on me.  no, really, it is].

my sister and i, circa 1983

i’ve had the privilege of living in some pretty amazing places. in my years of roaming the planet, i’ve called a few places “home”:  ballincollig, county cork, ireland; seattle, wa; spokane, wa; & three hills, ab, canada. [not to mention a few lovely little towns up and down the oregon coast].

i’ve been married to my “lovely” now for ten years. she’s remarkable – i have a hard enough time living with me, and somehow she’s managed to do it.

two cats: cooper & waffle. they make coming home fun.

ice cream aficionado.

equal opportunity coffee & tea drinker [though, let’s be honest: chai tea wins out nine times out of ten].

beer & music snob. [let’s go to a show together sometime].

jobs i’ve held at one point or another: paper boy; attraction attendant [or, to put it more bluntly: glorified carnie]; various restaurants – from fast food to a chowder house on the oregon coast; “official” target team member morale leader [no, really – i’ll need to tell you the story someday]; circulation clerk at a library; customer service for an online company; e-commerce marketing associate; &, most recently: account coordinator for an amazing company that does so many amazing things for so many people around the world.



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